3,000 from the christian and jewish communities celebrate the balfour centenary together

More about the "Partners Together" event

We are in the process of updating this site to report on the "Partners Together" event on 7th November. We will include links to the performers' webistes and the text of the four statements read out on the night, plus some of the speeches by actors.
Participants at the Royal Albert Hall

Links to all our main participants on November 7th. Book them for your own events, follow their progress

our four statements

The four statements read out in the Royal Albert Hall were the core of our message of support to Israel and the Jewish people. Read these and hear our heart.


Find out how to obtain further copies of our souvenir magazine and a DVD of the Royal Albert Hall event on 7th November 2017 Links to other resources as well

Our free information leaflet is now available for download or to order print copies for your organisation.


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