Britain’s ambassador reinforces the importance of the Balfour centenary

Britain-Israel-flagsIn a recent interview with the Jerusalem Post, Britain’s ambassador to Israel David Quarrey commented on the continued increase in trade between the two countries (nearly $3.2b. in 2014), which has risen despite a voluntary labelling scheme for produce from Israeli settlements.

Mr Quarrey said that today he sees “…more connections between Israel and the UK than there probably ever has been… what I see at the moment is a relationship between Britain and Israel which is probably stronger and deeper than it ever has been.”

There is much interest and anticipation in Israel as the centenary of the Balfour Declaration approaches. In view of this, Mr Quarry was asked if Britain plans to commemorate the event officially and whether there has been pressure on the Government to ignore the centenary or apologise for the Declaration itself.

Reinforcing David Cameron’s recent words to British Jewish leaders, that he wanted to celebrate the event with the Jewish community, Mr Quarrey added, “It is part of our history in this region. Britain has a long history in this region and the Balfour Declaration is part of it…”

While there is a small amount of opposition to any positive commemoration of the Balfour centenary in Britain, there is a much larger and growing commitment by many British Christians to mark this anniversary of one of the most important documents in recent history with celebrations and education about the wide-reaching impact that short letter has had and continues to have on history – particularly on the history of the Middle East.


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