“Christians and the Balfour Declaration” free leaflet

We have produced a short colour leaflet to explain why Christians are celebrating the centenary of the Balfour Declaration. It is not widely known in the UK how much influence evangelical Christianity had on the writers of the Declaration and on the events leading to its production.

leaflet1_outerWe hope that both Christians and Jews will find this little leaflet helpful in understanding both some of the history behind the Declaration and why Christians are celebrating its centenary. We have written the leaflet with both Jews and Christians in mind. It is suitable for reading and distribution to anyone in either community.
You can download a web version of the leaflet by clicking on the illustration on the right. We would prefer it if you do not use this version for mass reproduction as the quality is set for viewing on the web. You can obtain as many free copies of the print version as you need, especially if you wish to distribute them at an event or in a mail-out. To obtain print copies, please email janemoxon@balfour100.org


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