DVD of “Partners In This Great Enterprise” now on sale.

DVD of “Partners In This Great enterprise” at the Royal Albert Hall

A DVD of the Royal Albert Hall evening on7th November 2017 is now on sale! This is the whole evening’s programme, from start to finish, including titles and credits.

Download a pdf copy of the evening’s programme to accompany the DVD by clicking on the image on the left.

You can buy copies of the DVD from New Life Publishing or Hatikvah Films. Our distributors are offering a package of magazine and DVD together for a discounted price.


“Partners In This Great Enterprise” magazines

You can order copies of our centenary souvenir magazine for yourself or your church or synagogue. Highly-readable and inspiring articles from expert contributors from both our communities have been carefully crafted by the editor, Roy Thurley, into a single running narrative of how the Balfour Declaration helped the Jewish people recover their historic homeland in Palestine.

We are selling these at well below the price paid on the night for volumes, or you can buy just one copy for £5 here.


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