Partners Together In This Great Enterprise

We are delighted to report that our key event, which has been in planning for 18 months, was a huge success. Almost 3,000 people filled the royal Albert Hall to hear a varied programme that educated, inspired and entertained as Christians expressed their support and love for Israel and the Jewish people.

The vision of the Christian Balfour 100 group was to enable both Jewish and Christian communities to gather together in one place to celebrate something that was a common cause for both Christians and Jews one hundred years; the Balfour Declaration.

We will soon have information on buying our souvenir magazine and whether we will be able to produce a DVD of the evening. In the meantime, our thanks go out to the hundreds of both Jews and Christians who have worked hard together for months to make the event a reality and to the several thousands of both who came together to mark this significant centenary for both our communities and both our nations!

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