Repairing A Malfunctioned Sprinkler System


After a fire sprinkler is installed in your home, you should receive a notice indicating it has been inspected and certified. This usually occurs after 5 years of service, but may vary depending on where you live. However, after any amount of time there are any number of reasons why your fire sprinkler could no longer work. It’s possible the company that designed and installed it failed to properly maintain it or even abandoned their responsibilities for some reason. Assuming this is not always the case, let’s take a look at what you can do when your fire sprinkler no longer works.


What To Do When Your Fire Sprinkler Malfunctions

When your fire sprinklers no longer work, you have to determine why that is. It’s possible a firefighter will come by and check it out for free, but you can also hire any number of companies to do it for you as well. Here are some things you should do when your fire sprinkler malfunctions:

– Inspect the entire system yourself (without turning off water valves)

– Check for broken hoses or disconnected sections

– Check if the mounting brackets are secure

– Look for leaking pipe joints or faulty plumbing pieces such as valves


Why Is It Better To Hire Fire Sprinkler Repair Professionals

The last thing you want to do is pay for a fire sprinkler inspection and be charged for repairs that could have been done without an inspection. As such, the best way to fix your fire sprinkler no longer working is to hire a professional company to check it out and make those repairs for you, learn more. This can save you time and money while ensuring the problem gets fixed right away. If you’re thinking of doing these things yourself, please keep in mind every state has different rules about who can legally inspect fire protection systems – so unless you are licensed (like many contractors that perform inspections), this isn’t advisable or legal by any means.

If your fire sprinklers no longer work properly, talk with an experienced company today about it because they will be able to perform the inspection for you and make needed repairs as well if the system needs work.


Is It Better To Repair Your Sprinkler or To Install a New One?

Repairing older style fire sprinklers usually means they still won’t work as well as they should, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Installing new fire sprinklers ensures they are working properly from the start.

– There’s usually no reason to repair older style fire sprinklers which makes their repair not as beneficial as installing a new one.

– Installing new fire sprinklers ensures you’re getting what you paid for in the first place, and will work well for years to come without any unnecessary repairs needed like older models may need.

– Replacing your fire sprinkler with a newer model is always better than attempting to fix an older one that doesn’t work as well or looks bad.