2nd December 2015


DVD of “Partners In This Great enterprise” at the Royal Albert Hall

A DVD of the Royal Albert Hall evening on7th November 2017 is now on sale! This is the whole evening’s programme, from start to finish, including titles and credits.

Download a pdf copy of the evening’s programme to accompany the DVD by clicking on the image on the left.

You can buy copies of the DVD from New Life Publishing or Hatikvah Films. Our distributors are offering a package of magazine and DVD together for a discounted price.


“Partners In This Great Enterprise” magazines

You can order copies of our centenary souvenir magazine for yourself or your church or synagogue. Highly-readable and inspiring articles from expert contributors from both our communities have been carefully crafted by the editor, Roy Thurley, into a single running narrative of how the Balfour Declaration helped the Jewish people recover their historic homeland in Palestine.

We are selling these at well below the price paid on the night for volumes, or you can buy just one copy for £5 here.




“In Defense of Israel” – key facts about the Arab-Israeli conflict

We are offering this paper as a downloadable resource on our site due to the extensive negative responses we are receiving on our social media outlets, which need to be rebutted with factual resources.

Philip Vander Elst, a British writer and lecturer, has produced a factual and compelling paper to combat the emotive and often anti-semitic rhetoric against Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people that is sadly so prevalent today.

You can download a free pdf (405kb) version of the paper by clicking here.

“Christians and the Balfour Declaration” – a free leaflet for download or print orders

leaflet1Although the Balfour Declaration was essentially a political expression of intent by a wartime government with many strategic needs to balance, few are aware of the part played by evangelical Christian beliefs of the time in the events that led up to the letter being written.

Bible-believing Christians of the time believed in the prophetic promises of the Old Testament (the Jewish Ta’anach) that the people of Israel would one day be restored to their ancient homeland. These beliefs led to interesting partnerships between Christians and Jews with common values and passions to see this happen.

The influence of Christians of the day on the Balfour Declaration’s production explains why so many Christinas 100 years on are enthusiastic about celebrating the letter’s centenary and its eventual realisation in the establishment of modern Israel.

Download a pdf version by clicking on the image on the left, or email us here to order print copies to distribute to your organisation, church, synagogue etc.

“Partners Together In This Great Enterprise” – answering questions about the Balfour Declaration

David Schmidt is both a Christian minister and an academic. Starting with the question, “Why did Britain issue the Balfour Declaration?” David digs into the personal Christian beliefs of the ten-man war cabinet that finalised the wording of the Declaration and finds that their biblical beliefs concerning Israel and the Jewish people had an overwhelmingly strong influence on their final decision.

This excellently-researched book is well-worth reading and inadvertently sets out the whole raison d’etre of a Christian celebration of the Balfour Declaration’s centenary this year.

You can order David Schmidt’s book from Amazon (UK) by clicking on the image on the left.



“The Forsaken Promise” – a video analysis of the British Mandate period and the failure to implement the intent of the Balfour Declaration

forsaken-promise-cropped-squareThrough the Balfour Declaration and its subsequent incorporation into international agreements concerning the Middle East after World War 1, Britain became responsible for guiding and “mentoring” the are known as Palestine towards statehood and autonomy.

This excellent video resource, which is a shorter version of a three film series, graphically illustrates how Britain sadly reneged on her commitments and how her actions led to tension and conflict through the 1930s and on through and after World War 2.

click on the image on the left to view the clip on Youtube.



 Consequences and Failures of the Sykes-Picot Agreement


This long but very well-constructed article places the blame for today’s chaos in the Middle East on the shoulders of the hastily written and secret Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916. In the course of doing so it gives some interesting background to the Balfour Declaration.

The Ambiguity of the Balfour Declaration: Who Caused it And Why?

Kathy_Durkinb_bookThere is today a vigorous debate surrounding the existential nature of the State of Israel. The proclamation of the British Balfour Declaration in 1917 inaugurated the return of tens of thousands of Jews to Palestine under British protection, and led ultimately to the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. The Balfour Declaration is viewed by some as the product of mere political expediency on the part of war-time Britain. Others point out that throughout the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries there was a growing conviction amongst some leading Jews and British gentiles that the time was ripe for the Jews to return to their ancient land, and that Britain, as the world super-power of the time, would be strategic in bringing this about politically. When it finally came, after a long and messy negotiation period, the wording of the Balfour Declaration was ambiguous, some would argue deliberately so, and has caused confusion and conflict in the Middle East ever since. This book examines what caused the ambiguity in its wording and how this ultimately backfired on both Britain and the Zionists.


Global History of The Balfour Declaration

global hist of bdThis book examines the development and issuance of the Balfour Declaration, the document that set the stage for the creation of the state of Israel, within its global setting. The heart of the book demonstrates that the Declaration developed and contributed to a juncture in a global dialogue about the nature and definition of nation at the outset of the twentieth century. Embedded in this examination are gendered, racial, nationalistic, and imperial considerations. The work posits that the Balfour Declaration was a specific tool designed by the manipulation of these ideas.

Once established, the Declaration helped, and hindered, established imperial powers like the British, nascent imperial powers like the Japanese and Indians, and emerging nationalist movements like the Zionists, Irish, Palestinians, and East Africans, to advocate for their own vision of national definition.

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