26th January 2017

Resources for local meetings

We list below some resources available for local meetings you may hold to promote the concept of celebrating the Balfour Declaration centenary in your church, town or area. For events flyers to help us publicise what’s going on around the country, please see the Events pages.

Mobile exhibition

exhibitionThis seven panel exhibition lays out superbly the path that led to the Declaration, including prominently the story of British Christian restorationism that was held to so strongly by Lord Balfour, David Lloyd-George and others in power during World War 1.

The exhibition also illustrates the Christian-Jewish partnerships that were so crucial for both the Balfour Declaration and for Zionism generally .

To book this table-top display for your event, contact Tristan McDonald on 07762 586624.


“Christians and the Balfour Declaration” – a free leaflet for download or print orders

leaflet1Although the Balfour Declaration was essentially a political expression of intent by a wartime government with many strategic needs to balance, few are aware of the part played by evangelical Christian beliefs of the time in the events that led up to the letter being written.

Bible-believing Christians of the time believed in the prophetic promises of the Old Testament (the Jewish Ta’anach) that the people of Israel would one day be restored to their ancient homeland. These beliefs led to interesting partnerships between Christians and Jews with common values and passions to see this happen.

The influence of Christians of the day on the Balfour Declaration’s production explains why so many Christians 100 years on are enthusiastic about celebrating the letter’s centenary and its eventual realisation in the establishment of modern Israel.

Download a pdf version by clicking on the image on the left, or email us here to order print copies to distribute to your organisation, church, synagogue etc.

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