Why the Palestinians should thank Britain for the Balfour Declaration, not sue her!

cover1mapAn Israeli blogger has put an interesting slant on why the Palestinians should not be trying to sue the British government for the Balfour Declaration, but rather thanking them for it.

Moshe Arens, one time jet engine developer, Israeli politician and ambassador to the US and holder of several ministerial positions, is Chairman of a venture capital firm and blogs at moshearens.com In a recent post, he points out that the Palestinians as a separate entity were not recognised by any of the Middle Eastern powers during the period of World War One. Their international recognition probably would not have come about if it were not for the Balfour Declaration. It was the establishment of Israel as a state and the subsequent Arab-Israeli wars, that enabled a Palestinian political entity to emerge.

Without the British statement of intent and its subsequent inclusion into international law, the people now calling themselves “Palestinians” would almost certainly have been subsumed into one of the existing Arab groupings.

You can read Moshe Arens’ post in full here.



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